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Customer Relationship Management systems are primarily designed to enhance and nurture relationships with key customers. In order to attain this objective, CRM systems offer a number of functionalities that supplement existing business processes and expand sales. CRM eliminates archaic methodologies of data storage and organizes customer information in a highly… Read more


When considering CRM solutions, small businesses need to be as customer-centric (if not more) than bigger enterprise organizations. This is primarily because small business owners are generally prone to having more personal interactions with buyers. From a current industry and consumer trends perspective, it is pivotal that your small businesses… Read more

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CRM solutions have made immense progress since their inception. What started off as humble contact management systems became a revolutionary wave that altered the way enterprises are managed. Today, they offer fully loaded modules to automate key functions of a business like sales, marketing and service. Not only that, they also act as data mining systems that identify trends and offer critical data and valuable insights to management to make the right decisions. Reporting is more of a mirror to… Read more

The CRM industry has grown extensively over the last two decades almost to the point of being saturated. Somewhere along the way, CRM providers realized that adding more and more features to a generic CRM was just not enough. There are a lot of small details and differential intricacies that are specific to each industry vertical including the terminologies and processes native to that industry and a generic CRM does not recognize or incorporate the minutiae which makes adoption and… Read more

Continuing our outlook and analysis on the core modules of CRM, we now take a look at customer service automation. A business can truly succeed and grow only when sales, marketing and service are equally robust and work in tandem with each other. As much as feature laden and robust sales and marketing functions are a must for any business, a strong support infrastructure is equally imperative to forge long lasting relationships with key clients. In fact, customers who are… Read more

When it all began, CRM was not what it is today. It started off as a solution to manage contacts better and has today grown into a full-fledged, mature CRM industry that is worth billions of dollars. As a result, the number of players who want their share of the pie have increased exponentially too. Every provider is trying to up their ante and come up with unique and innovative features and benefits that other vendors may not provide in… Read more