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Customer Relationship Management systems are primarily designed to enhance and nurture relationships with key customers. In order to attain this objective, CRM systems offer a number of functionalities that supplement existing business processes and expand sales. CRM eliminates archaic methodologies of data storage and organizes customer information in a highly… Read more


When considering CRM solutions, small businesses need to be as customer-centric (if not more) than bigger enterprise organizations. This is primarily because small business owners are generally prone to having more personal interactions with buyers. From a current industry and consumer trends perspective, it is pivotal that your small businesses… Read more

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In recent years, the CRM industry has witnessed unprecedented growth that has resulted in fierce competition and an exponential rise in the number of offerings in the market. As a result, it is quite a daunting task for business owners/decision makers to choose the best CRM. The solution to this problem lies within. Any business or company seeking to embark on a new CRM journey needs to first evaluate various parameters and the capabilities required from the system that will… Read more

A CRM solution supplements and bolsters a business in various ways: It boosts sales by enabling the targeting of highly relevant customer segments, reduces redundancy by providing sales force and marketing automation, cuts costs and increases overall customer satisfaction. Once a company has made the right decision to implement CRM, the next action step is to choose between in-house or hosted CRM. This choice has been a long running debate that has never reached any clear conclusion. Reason being, the… Read more

Observing the rapid technology advancement in recent years, the vast number of CRM software products available in the market and the sheer volume of functionality that most of them provide, it’s evident that investing in a customer relationship management system allows businesses a greater chance of success. Product and service offerings in most industries have become virtually indistinguishable, with numerous companies targeting the same consumer base. As a result, customers are spoilt with choices and are increasingly finicky. Not only… Read more

Managing a business, be it big or small, is all about converting prospects to customers and delighting them in such a way where you convert them from customers to fans. Marketing plays a major role in achieving the former goal and CRM is crucial to realizing the latter. Customer Relationship Management is basically just an industry term for software and online capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way; hence, marketing and CRM should work hand-in-hand… Read more