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Customer Relationship Management systems are primarily designed to enhance and nurture relationships with key customers. In order to attain this objective, CRM systems offer a number of functionalities that supplement existing business processes and expand sales. CRM eliminates archaic methodologies of data storage and organizes customer information in a highly… Read more


When considering CRM solutions, small businesses need to be as customer-centric (if not more) than bigger enterprise organizations. This is primarily because small business owners are generally prone to having more personal interactions with buyers. From a current industry and consumer trends perspective, it is pivotal that your small businesses… Read more

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The advent and advancement of technology has spurred the development and growth of multiple industries over the years. Progress in the information technology industry has fueled the synergistic growth of other industries as well. One such industry that has benefited and prospered well is event management. Efficient management of events thrives solely on the backbone of IT to obtain maximum reach to relevant audiences and many different ways of achieving it. CRM providers, albeit a few, are cognizant of this… Read more

Customer Relationship Management systems are designed not only to enhance and nurture relationships with existing key customers, but also reach out to new target groups and gain qualified leads so as to build a bigger customer base. In order to attain this objective, CRM systems offer a number of functionalities that supplement and expand sales. Lead Management is one such functionality which is extremely important in any sales based organization. Every lead needs to be rightly tracked and nurtured in… Read more

There are multiple facets to the adoption of a CRM system. Though the primary intention is to build, manage and enhance customer relationships, CRM plays an equally important role in helping the entire organization function as a single team, thereby increasing productivity - as well as accountability - which will always result in a better bottom-line for the company. There are many ways in which CRM enables organizations to achieve this end objective. Sales Force Automation empowers sales organizations from… Read more

There are various stakeholders that play equally important roles in the success of any business. Employees are a major part of the journey and finding the right candidates is the first building block towards success. Recruitment has grown from a being small function to an industry vertical in itself. Most companies outsource recruitment since these organizations have access to talent pools, maintain resume databases and have years of experience in finding the right fit for any job. Many CRM providers… Read more